Theme Specific areas
1)Rule of Law, Accountability  and Good Governance (RLAGG) Transitional justice; Criminal justice; protection of W/HRDs; Democratic rights; Fundamental freedoms; Fair trail guarantees, Rights-based policing and Anti-corruption and public debates
2)Social Justice and ESCR (SJESCR) Protection and promotion of ESCR; Caste-based discrimination; Disability rights, Senior citizens; Minorities and marginalized groups; Land reform, Pro poor law
3) Development,  Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs (DHRHA) Humanitarian crisis; Corporate social responsibility; Climate justice; Globalization; Consumer justice; Labor standards; Environment and Rural and community development
4) Gender and Social Inclusion (GSI) Gender equality; Violence against women and LGBTI; Child rights; Inclusive democracy, Electoral system; Gender budgeting; Representation and participation; Advocacy and campaign
5) Public  Policy Analysis and Legal Action (PPALA) Constitutional, legislative and Judicial affairs impacting upon justice and human rights; Federalism and human rights; National application of international law; Strategic litigation and advocacy.
6) Information, Communication and Education (ICE) Information management; Training courses; Capacity development initiatives; Recourse center; Publications; Media monitoring/mobilization; Advocacy; Outreach activities