STRATEGIC LITIGATION FOR HUMAN RIGHTS: A HANDBOOK OF PRACTITIONERS, published in 2012 with the support of International Commission of Jurists, it serves lawyers, human rights defenders and social

activists how strategic litigation can be an effective tool for the protection and promotion of human rights, including economic,social and cultural rights. It provides the practitioners the conceptual overview of strategic litigation, its key aspects and features as well as how to frame strategic litigation in practice; meaning selection of issue or subject for litigation, gathering and analyzing data and information, mapping the jurisdiction of the courts before filing it, documentation of the cases, protection of victims and witness, pleading in the court and monitoring implementation of the judgment.
The handbook also deals with the writ jurisdiction mandate of the court and how petitioners or practitioners can be strategic while invoking the writ jurisdiction of the courts, as appropriate.
(The book is available in Nepali language only. Please contact JuRI-Nepal for more information.)