Any individual who has contributed or is active or committed for the protection and promotion of human rights, rule of law, social justice, peace, development and good governance is eligible to become a member of JuRI-Nepal. Currently, there are 51 members of JuRI-Nepal. JuRI-Nepal’s constitution also contains a provision to offer honorary membership, life-long membership and institutional membership.

Membership Application for General Member of JuRI-Nepal

JuRI has option of five types of membership;

  1. Founder Member – Members who were attained at the time of establishment of the organization are called founder member. For their continuation of such membership they have to pay membership renewal fee every fiscal year as defined by the executive committee.
  2. General Member – It is open to Nepali citizens. Such member has all types of rights and authority as natural person and it has to pay NRs. 10,000 as membership fee after decision of the executive committee. However, to promote inclusion JuRI’s EC has decided to discount 50% membership entry fee (NRs. 5,000) only for women, person with disabilities, Dalit and marginalized communities. To continue such membership fee member has to pay NRs. 1,000 annually based on Nepali fiscal year.
  3. Honorary member – This membership can be granted based on decision of the executive committee to major contributor of JuRI and also can provide this membership to the foreigner but it has to get pre-approval of the govt. It has no voting and decision making authority.
  4. Life Member – It is granted to general members after paying life membership fee NRs. 30,000. There is no need to its renewal for membership continuation.
  5. Institutional Member – It can be granted to CSOs working on human rights and social justice and based on approval of the JuRI. Such organization has to pay NRs. 10,000 and renewal fee per year is NRs. 2,000.

Who can apply for membership: As per the JuRI’s statute, any Nepali citizen above the age of 16 and who has no legal implication to hold a public post and interested and committed to be a member of JuRI can apply to JuRI for the membership including their updated CV and copy of citizenship through email: In case of this application, JuRI’s Executive Committee decides about membership endorsement and communicates to the applicant for deposit of membership fee.