International Interns statement

My 3.5 months internship at JuRI-Nepal has been a useful and enriching experience for me, which I will definitely benefit from in my future career in human rights and development sector.

During my time in the organization, I have got an extensive knowledge about the current problems in the area of economic, social and cultural rights in Nepal’s context. I familiarized myself with projects, which JuRI-Nepal currently works with, which gave me a better understanding about the expertise and role of JuRI-Nepal in the society.

I have been engaged in providing legal analysis on various issues from international legal perspective, finding good international practices and analysing policies. Moreover, I provided daily support with research and other administrative tasks, participated at various meetings organized by the organization and externally.

Overall, I am very grateful for experience I have gained and for all the great professionals I got to know, while being a part of the office of JuRI-Nepal.