We are living in a beautiful planet with complex societies. However, there are actors, agencies and stakeholders working for the common causes. JuRI Nepal firmly believes that partnership with organizations working for the same causes help to achieve the goals it envisaged in the strategic plan.

At the national level, it has already developed its meaningful partnership with a number of national and international organizations working in the areas of human rights, women’s right and gender justice. JuRI’s key partners among others include, UNDP, UNRCO, International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), Advocates Sans Frontiers (ASF), and United Mission to Nepal (UMN), FIAN-International and Alliance for Social Dialogue (ASD) and UN Women.

At the local level, JuRI has extended its partnership with numerous organizations including Nepal Bar Associations. JuRI has a policy to implement its activities in the field in collaboration with local partners.

As for long term partnership, JuRI has reached into an agreement with the Governance Facility. Lately, JuRI also signed agreements with the IM Swedish Individual Partner and the UNICEF.