April , 2022



JuRI-Nepal in collaboration with its strategic and collaborative partners (JMC and FTG in Kathamdnu, SSDC, DSDC and IRDC of kapilvastu, SWAN, FKDF and SEED of Dang) and nine Local  Governments (five from Dang: Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitian City, Rapti,   Gadhawa, Shantinagar and Dangisaran RM and four from Kapilvastu: Kapilvastu Municipality, Bijayanagar Suddhodhan and Mayadevi RM ) led to publish 12,000 leaflets on “Legal and Policy Provisions related to the  End-child Marriage and Roles of Stakeholders (Baal Bibaha Antyasambandhi Kanuani thata Nitigat Byawastha ra Sarokarwalako Bhumika)” in April 2022. The aim of the publication was to promote their advocacy initiatives and provide strategic support to IM’s partners and Local Governments to focus their priorities to end child marriage. Besides that, it was also intended to support IM’s partners for awareness raising on end-child marriage and role and responsibilities of concerned stakeholders. See the details of leaflet.