10 January, 2023, Kathmandu

Justice and Rights Institute Nepal (JuRI-Nepal) published a comparative report on budget allocation and expenditure tracking of National Human Rights Institutions in Nepal. There are eight National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) as constitutional bodies. NHRIs are responsible for the protection and promotion of human rights in the country; however, they have different mandates. Nepalese people have a huge expectation from NHRIs as their guardian and protector of their fundamental rights. It is also expected that, they would play their extent possible role for the protection and promotion of human rights making government more accountable on rule of law eradicating state of impunity.


For that, they themselves need to be accountable on their financial business. In this context, JuRI-Nepal conducted desk study on three years financial expenditure status of NHRIs (i.e. F/Y 2075/76, 2076/77 and 2077/78) and published a study report on the status of financial expenditure to check whether available budget expenditure is in track. Please see the report for the detail status of NHRIs expenditure.