On 1 and 2 and 4 and 5 November 2014, JuRI-Nepal with the support of UNDP/SPCBN organized a seminar on Federalism, Human Rights and Inclusion in Baitadi and Accham districts of Far Western Development Region. Around 45 local stakeholders representing political parties, civil society organizations, human rights and legal community and media participated in both districts.

In Baitadi, honorable District Judge Punaram Khanal graced the programme as a Chief Guest, whereas in Accham, the Chief District Officer Vabiswor Panday was the Chief Guest.

The programme was divided into three sessions: inaugural, technical and the closing. The technical session was focused on brief presentations on federalism, human rights and inclusion dealing with key issues, challenges and way forward in the current context of Nepal. This was followed by group discussions, interaction and presentation of the findings by the participants in the plenary.

Organised with the support of the Forum for the Protection of Human Rights Baitadi, the programme was 26 and 27 in a row of JuRI and UNDP initiative to support participatory constitution making in Nepal.