21 February 2022



JuRI-Nepal led to hand over formal submission to all the major political parties to ensure fair and inclusive local election and memorandum was submitted on 21 February 2022, it was submitted through the secretariat of ESCR National Network.

Before the finalization of the memorandum, JuRI-Nepal organized a virtual interaction program with ESCR National Network on 18 February 2022.  JuRI-Nepal handed over the memorandum to Prime Minister Ser Bahadur Deuwa requesting to ensure women participation in upcoming election. The vent was conducted on 12 Nov. 2021.

The main objective of this submission was to pay attention of Major Political Parties and NHRI’s ensuring GESI and social inclusion in upcoming three terms of election and also to pay their attention to control unnecessary expenses in the elections by both political parties and their candidates.

The second local election was held on 13 May 2022 and most of the local government representatives are newly elected this time however few of them have been reelected in different position. Out of total position, 41.01 percent of women are elected this time. It increases the total percentage of women representatives at local level compare to previous election held in 2017.  Deputy Mayor/Chair position has been reduced substantially as out of 753 positions, 700 were elected in 2017 election but only 567 women elected this time. Female headed Mayor/Chair position has been increased from 18 to 25. Similarly, the number of Dalit ward members increased by 33 and women members has been decreased 10 compared to the previous election. A total of 6732 female ward members and 6610 women ward members elected this time. Out of total other ward members, 442 women elected this time which is also larger number than previous election as 263 were elected in previous election. JuRI is continuously engaged to promote GESI and accountability at all levels.  See the submission to all political parties.