Figure 1 Group Photo sessions after the certificate distribution on 11th Nov, 2023. Photo taken by: Anuja K.C, JuRI Nepal

JuRI-Nepal and implementing partner, Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO) in collaboration with UN Women is implementing the Project entitled “HAMRO SAHAKARYA”. One of the objective of the project is to facilitate the advocacy and movement building initiatives in its project location.  To achieve this objective seven days Master Training of Trainers (MToT) on Leadership Development for SHG leaders was conducted in Nepalgunj on 5th to 11th November 2023. The main objective to f the event was to enhance knowledge and understanding on the leadership, communication and negotiation skills required for advocacy and movement building activities of SHG leaders. All together 23 community volunteers, members and project staffs (Dalits: 19, BCT:2, Janjati: 2) from 10 LGUs of Doti, Kailali and Surkhet district was benefited from the event.

Figure 2. Participants busy in doing group exercise, Photo Taken by: Muna Adhikari M&E Coordinator.
Figure 3 Participants busy in group exercise on word arrangements. Photo taken by: Muna Adhikari, M&E Coordinator, JuRI Nepal

To make the training more organize and effective the training manual wad developed which includes 14 sessions. The training was delivered using adult-friendly methods and  tools that helps participants to share and learn from own experiences, stories and reflect on the feminist values, ethics and principle for gender equality and inclusion.

After the MToT, all the participants is responsible for the deliver and facilitate of leadership manual session in the respective self-help groups. At the end participants were awarded with training completion certificates and community action plan of each LGU was developed.


Few reflections from the training participants:  

Figure 4 Group exercise: Raj Kumari Chaudhary and her group was facilitated the session. Photo taken by: Muna Adhikari

“The self-reflection session reminded me of the days when I was discriminated against based on caste while filling water at the public tap and remembered that painful moments, I cried and my eyes became teary yesterday recalling the days”. Dhansara Badi, Lead Volunteer, Fulbari Advocacy Group, Birendranagar Municipality Ward no 11, Jhuprakhola.

“First time I came to know about the fundamental rights from this training. All sessions of were very informative for me.” Bindu Pariyar, Lead Volunteer, Sahansil Advocacy Group Bheriganga Municipality ward no 11, Ramghat.

“I gained knowledge and skills in negotiation from the role-play of a domestic violence case study. Kiran Chaudhary, Kailari Rural Municipality, Ward no 1.