On 17 December JuRI-Nepal, FIAN-Nepal and WomenAct Network jointly organised an interaction programme with members of the Constituent Assembly (CA) with a view to sensitize the latter on the key aspects of the right to food in the context of drafting new constitution. The programme was actively participated by some 50 CA members and enaged in the discussion that primarily centred around demystifying the very concept of food sovereignty, food security and the right to adequate food. On the occasion, experts from JuRI-Nepal and FIAN-Nepal shared how constitutions of other countries incorporated the right to adequate food and encouraged the CA members to include the right to adequate food as one of the fundamental guarantees in the constitution.

The programme was organised at a time when the legislators and the human rights activists in Nepal were seemingly caught by the conflicting notions floated on food soveriegnty, food security and the right to food.