22 June, 2022



Justice and Rights Institute Nepal (JuRI-Nepal) organized an interaction program with the Federal Parliament on the amendment Bill proposed at the parliament. The program was organized on 22 June 2022 in Kathmandu. The Bill was tabled by the government to amend the offense, punishment and statute of limitations on few criminal offenses. That includes the statute of limitation on rape cases and offense and punishment on the Acid attack related offenses.   A total of 45 (32 Female, 13 Male) participants attended the program including the members of the House of Representatives and National Assembly. A small number of experts and victims of born violence and acid attack were also attended the event.  . Advocate Mr. Mohan Lal Acharya, Executive Director, JuRI-Nepal presented two papers covering statute of limitations on rape cases. The second paper was related to the acid and born violence cases. In his both presentations he covered severity of cases, international practices, existing Nepalese legal provisions and some remarkable verdicts of Supreme Court etc. He also suggested a three column amendment proposal for the Member of Parliament. MPs from HoR and NA highly appreciated the research and the presentations. They have committed to submit their amendment proposal as per the findings and recommendations made in the presentations. The Chair of the Law, Justice and Human Rights Committee, Hon. Krishna Bhakta Pokhrel, Chair of Gender Justice Task Force, Hon. Binda Pandey, Chair of other committees and members actively participated the program.   In addition to that, legal experts, members of civil society organizations, victims’ representatives also offered their inputs to ensure victims friendly legal provision on rape case and acid/born violence related cases.