June 04, 2020, Butwal

The Province level ESCR Network including some other human rights alliances, calling on the Provincial Government-5 to promptly respond to the coronavirus pandemic, has submitted a joint appeal to the Honorable Chief Minister, Shankar Pokharel to swiftly respond COVID19 with a new budget. The number of confirmed cases continues to rise at alarming rates in Nepal. The Ministry of Health and Population as of June 13, has recorded a total of 5335 cases of COVID19.

In a joint appeal, the ESCR network and 15 human rights organizations based in the Province-5, urged the Chief Minister to ensure access to health services for all, and address food insecurity especially for the people living under poverty.

The joint appeal by fifteen civil society organizations also includes among others access to health facilities without discrimination, adequate food, education, employment opportunities for migrants, poor and vulnerable people, ending untouchability, and all forms of discrimination, including caste, ethnicity, and gender-based discrimination, creating a conducive environment for the partnership with the private sector and civil society sector.