In-kind support items ready to distribute in Dipayal Silgadi Municipality, Doti


JuRI Nepal in partnership with Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO) is implementing project called “Hamro Sahakarya” Project in ten local government units[1] of Sudurpachhim and Karnali Provinces. The project is funded by UN Women, Nepal and The Government of Finland.

One of the major objective of project is to enhance access of essential supplies and services for women and excluded groups to meet their immediate socio-economic needs in the post COVID-19 context. The comprehensive relief package distribution was one of the major activity of the year 2023. The project in close coordination and engagement with ward chairperson, ward committee members and women self-help groups identify and selected 375 women in the ten project LGUs referring to the project participation selection guideline for comprehensive in-kind support distribution.  The major selection criteria includes poor, vulnerable people that includes single women, women with disabilities, daily wage workers, Dalits and most marginalized groups. The distribution was conducted from 27th May to 30th May 2023.

All together 374 women/household (278 were Dalits, 48 were Janjati and 48 were from BCT) were benefitted from this support. Among them14 were single women, 24 were women with disabilities and 43 households have PWDs within their family members. This time two months relief packages were distributed remaining one month package will be distributed in the month of June 2023. The relief package includes both food and non-food items; that includes: Rice- Apple Gold 60 kg (2 pack of 30 kg), Lentil (6kg), Salt (2 kg), cooking oil Amrit sunflower (4 Ltr), Cereals (2kg), Sugar (4kg) and in non-food items, Gas Stove (Baltra) with regulator, pipe and lighter(1 set), LPG gas cylinder Bheri Gas (1),  Soap Godredge 100 gram, (12 pcs), Detergent (2 kg), Dettol (3 bottle @ 60 ml each), Cotton roll (3 roll medium size), Jeevanjal (18 pkt), Paracetamol (90 tablets) and Sanitary pads (6 pcs).

During the distribution ceremony Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Ward Chairperson, LGUs service providers, SHGs members  participated. Some key reflection of the beneficiaries and stakeholders during distribution ceremony are mentioned below;

 “Being a women with disability I face so many problems to manage daily needs of my family. I couldn’t work properly, the only regular income source is PWDs allowance from the Nepal Government. Occasionally my husband earns from daily wage. The relief package is like a boon to me and my family. Now we can have full stomach meal for 3 months. I will best utilize the relief items. I thank FEDO and JuRI for this great support. – Parbati Chaudhary from Kailari RM, Kailali

“Now my family can eat a complete meal, due to poor economic conditions most of the day we have to eat Dhido and sisnu. I could remember its being nearly two months we haven’t cooked rice and daal in our kitchen. I and my family have to struggle a lot to manage daily foods. My wife cann’t see, I had to take care of household chores, children and her. This relief is huge support for us, there is no limit of my happiness.” – Nain Bahadur Sarki, (Beneficiary husband) from Gurbhakot, Surkhet.

The news of distribution were captured in different local media; you can open below link for more information.

Some Photos from the field


Participants in Dhangadi, Kailali receiving in-kind support items



Mayor of Shikhar Municipality, Doti addressing the in-kind support distribution ceremony in LGU


 Deputy Mayor of Bhajani Municipality in Kailali addressing her remarks in the distribution ceremony



Appreciation received from Ward Chairperson of Gurbhakot -12, Surkhet for the relief in-kind support/community support during distribution ceremony


[1] Dhangadi Submetro Politian City, Kailari Rural Municipality, Bhajani Municipality of Kailali district, Dipayalsilgadi Municipality, Shikhar Municipality and Badikedar RM of Doti district in Sudurpachhim Province and Birendranagar Municipality, Gurbakot Municipality, Bheriganga Municipality and Lekhbesi Municipality of Surkhet district of Karnali Province.