Publication: Information Handbook about rights & services for people with Disability 

Language:  Nepali

Year of publication: 2021

Partner: UN Women

The information hand – book is prepared by Capacity Development Project of JuRI Nepal with funding support from UN Women, Nepal that aims to inform/aware people with disabilities and their organizations/networks, service providers of local government units on legally provisioned rights and services for People with Disability (PWDs).

A close consultation with Organization of Person with Disabilities (OPDs) of project districts was conducted to identify their needs before drafting this resource material. Based upon the interest/needs the content of information hand-book was drafted by project expert and reviewed by expert from National Federation Disabled – Nepal (NFDN).

The wider dissemination of this information hand-book expected; that the informed right holders will start local dialogue/advocacy with local duty bearers/service providers to ensure such provisioned rights, mechanism and services to PWDs and also help local service providers to create accessible and responsive services, mechanism and environment to promote PWDs rights.

If anyone/organization is interested to publish this resource material for wider dissemination or provide their valuable suggestions on this, they may reach to JuRI Nepal at