The overall goal and objective of JuRI-Nepal is to create a fair, just and inclusive democratic Nepali society where everyone can enjoy their human rights-civil, economic, social, political and cultural—on equal basis. For this, strategic objectives include, but not limited to:

  • Provide advisory services and expertise for the promotion of human rights, social justice, transitional justice and related issues;
  • Strengthen capacity of national stakeholders for the implementation of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Laws, including through offering an independent legal/policy advice and analysis;
  • Assist in launching advocacy campaigns to promote social justice, rule of law and good governance;
  • Analyze human rights issues and observance of rule of law and offer recommendations to relevant actors, particularly the Government, as appropriate;
  • Promote constructive dialogue amongst actors and stakeholders on critical issues pertaining to transitional justice, discrimination and justiciability of ESCR at national, SAARC and international level;
  • Initiate and support for Public Interest Litigation (PIL) towards advancing accessibility of justice for the victims of conflict–related human rights violations and marginalized/disadvantaged groups and vulnerable communities;
  • Assist human rights defenders, youth and women groups, victims and witnesses of human rights violations, including  through providing legal aid and advice;
  • Promote human rights culture in public and private sphere through imparting rights-based education and trainings;
  • Contribute in the overall implementation of International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law at national level as appropriate;