375 women/SHGs members (Dalits: 279, Janjati 49, BCT: 49) from the ten project LGUs were selected by the SHGs and supported to promote their kitchen gardening with seasonal vegetables last month (September 2023). Among them 24 includes HHs with PWDs. This initiatives was inbuilt in the comprehensive relief support package along with the food and non-food items to address the immediate needs of most marginalized and vulnerable groups/HHs in the project locations. Before the distributions the SHGs selected participants ensuring having their own small kitchen garden/using lands of other is lease/rent for production. Promoting kitchen garden is very popular program approach to ensure food security, nutrition requirements of the family and also generating small income from the leftover production at the community level.

The package (per participant) includes items like;

  • Cauliflower 10 gram,
  • Tomato (Manisha) 1 gram,
  • Radish (all season) 10 gram,
  • Chilli (akbare) 5 gram,
  • Spinach (Bhaji 430) 10 gram,
  • Banda gobi green Coronet 10 gram,
  • Organic Seedling Stater 450 gram,
  • Vermi Compost, 4 kg

Many of the SHGs had formed small committee to observe, track results and facilitate the technical support on this initiatives. Also SHGs community volunteers are mobilized for the follow up support. LGUs level Agriculture Knowledge Center, technical person is also coordinated on this initiatives who have commitment to support technically as per the needs of SHGs.

Figure 1:  Seeds and vermi compost distribution event ceremony at Bhajani Municipality Ward no 2 Self-help group members/community people. Photo taken by: Tarak Tamata, Provincial Coordinator FEDO.

Figure 2: Participants received seeds in differrent distribution event dated on 17th Sep-2023. Photo taken by; Tarak Tamata, Provincial Coordinator, FEDO.


Figure 3: Seeds and compost distribution event and participants planted seeds at Birendranagar and Gurbakot Municipality, dated on 29th Sep-2023. Photo Taken by; Sharmila Nepali- Reflect Volunteer.