December, 2020

National Network for ESCR Rights and Justice and Rights Institute (JuRI) Nepal with support from Development Partner have written out and made public a paper titled, ‘Implementation of the Land Reform Act, 2021 (7th and 8th amendments): Achievements, Challenges and Way forward”.

Researched and written by advocate Raju Chapagain, and advocate Shyam Bishwokarma, the policy advocacy paper contains five different chapters. The chapters highlight the country context in relation to the Nepal’s land reform, research rationale, landlessness problem, landlessness and social justice, assessment of land reform initiatives, and interventions and review of seventh and eighth amendment of the Act.

At the end of the paper, this offers ways to move forward which the National Network for the ESCR Rights, JuRI and IM Development Partner expect to be a good policy advocacy tool.

Nitiparta- v. final designed copy for submission- 29 Dec. 2020