JuRI, FIAN and RFtN calls for integrating the right to food in the NHRAP

Writing a memorandum to the Chief Secretary of the Government of Nepal, JuRI-Nepal, FIAN-Nepal and Right to Food Network (NFtN) called on the Government to integrate the right to adequate food in the National Human Rights Action Plan development of which is currently underway. The three organizations involved in monitoring and protection of the right to adequate food in Nepal demanded specific and targeted programmes with allocation of resources to effect the realization of the right concerned.

In the memorandum, the concerned organizations also emphasized the need of enacting a national framework legislation on the right to food that help translate the constitutional guarantees and the commitment Nepal made by ratifying the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

The Memorandum also calls upon the Government to include plans to amending a number of laws that negatively impact upon the enjoyment of the right to food as well as adopting adequate measures to address the specific situation of women, children, elderly, destitute, persons with disabilities and those living in extreme poverty and increase their access to enjoy their right to food. (For details, see the full version of the Memorandum submitted to the Government.)