23 December, 2022, Kathmandu 


JuRI-Nepal organized an interaction program on the current status of NHRC Nepal and way forward in Kathmandu on 23 December, 2022 (8 Poush, 2069).  Immediate Past Chair and the former chief justice Hon. Anup Raj Sharma attended the program as the Chief Guest. Former commissioners Prof. Kapil Shrestha, Dr. Ram Dayal Rakesh and Mohan Ansari, staffs of NHRC Nepal and different CSOs representatives participated the program. The program was highly acknowledged by all the participants of the program as well as the human rights communities. The issue was raised on the recent recommendation of Accreditation Committee of GANHRI to be degraded to the NHRC Nepal from it’s “A” status to “B”. The Committee raised number of issues regarding the NHRC including its appointment through an ordinance without following proper process; its activities and inclusive nature etc.


Former Chair of the NHRC and former Chief Justice Mr. Anup Raj Sharma forwarded his remarks on this issue and said that NHRC Nepal should not be degraded from A to B. For that, all human rights communities should create pressure to GANHRI unitely. All former commissioners and former staffs of NHRC, agreed to identify the root cause of the issue and prepared for the necessary action. Most of the participants came to the conclusion that, current team of the NHRC should resign from their position to save the current status of the NHRC intact as the life of the organization is more important than the job of the certain members of the Commission.  NGO federation Nepal, lawyers, media representatives, CSOs and legal experts forwarded their remarks on the issue and raised their voices to be united in this issue and way forward of the NHRC Nepal. Former chairperson and commissioners requested current commissioners for to clear the way out settling this issue as a responsible Nepali citizen. A total of 63 participants attended the program and committed to raise their voices on improvement of NHRC Nepal’s current situation through joint collaboration, coordination and unified action. All the participants from different sector thanked JuRI Nepal for organizing an interaction program on such an emerging issue. Please see below news link of the program.

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