30 May, 2022



JuRI-Nepal facilitated a dialogue with parliamentarians focusing on statutory limitation on rape case and role of parliamentarians on 30 May 2022.  On behalf of JuRI-Nepal, Advocate Raju Prasad Chapagai presented a paper highlighting statute of limitation, current barriers of access to justice, equality and contentious provisions of laws to harmonize constitutional and legal provisions to ensure human rights and access to justice. There is provision of one year for adults and one year after maturity to the minors and it has created barriers to ensure access to justice. This discussion was concluded to redefine statute of limitation after study of international practices and reference of other subsequent laws to ensure access to justice. Parliament Members have shown their commitment to repeal discriminatory legal provisions to ensure equality, access to justice and to attain constitutional mandate through harmonization of existing laws. This program was attended by 66 participants including 35 parliament members (14 of Women and Social Development Committee and 21 other committee members).