31 May, 2017

Justice and Rights Institute-Nepal (JuRI-Nepal) in collaboration with the Women Committee  of the Supreme Court Bar Association has recently published a booklet titled, “Laingik Nyaya Sambandhi Faisala Karyanwayan ko Nigarani” – A Look into the Implementation Status of the Verdicts in relation to Gender Justice. Despite the tremendous efforts exerted by the Judgment Execution Directorate under the Supreme Court of Nepal and other agencies, the Court Verdicts mostly the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) with respect to gender justice remains unimplemented for long.

In view of the facts, this publication with the six different articles authored by the well-known lawyers and researchers; highlight the key causes of non-implementation of the Supreme Court decisions. Articles published include Gender in Media, Fast Tracking of the Judicial Process, Victims and Witness Protection, Statute of Limitation, Social Protection of Kamlari and Kamaiya and Defective Value System.

Most of the articles by the respective authors were presented at the Judgment Watch Forum that JuRI- Nepal regularly organizes inviting the concerned stakeholders and government officials. This publication also succinctly introduces the judgment watch forum. It has been acknowledged as a medium for the constructive dialogue and key to generate evidence to reverse the cycle of non-implementation of the court decisions. It was supported by the Access to Justice Project (A2J) which is being implemented in consortium with Sancharika Samuha Nepal and Institute of Human Rights Communications in Nepal (IHRICON) with the financial support from the Governance Facility.